An extraordinary stage experience

Kundura Stage, starts off from the distinctive characteristics of the venues which are part of its industrial cultural heritage and aims to create a transformed cultural space together with the audience base it has gained thanks to this approach. While questioning the concepts of the audience and the stage, it feeds from their ambiguity and allows the design of the entire process as an experience. In addition to nourishing from tradition without being entrapped within its borders, Kundura invites different perceptions to establish dialog using various encounters and an innovative attitude. It has a stage structure that expands and improves along with its productions by believing in the interaction of concepts. 

While designing its program Kundura finds its inspiration from the verbal historical narratives contained in the Kundura Memory and starts off from the transformation and memory of the venues involved. It rediscovers the performative elements in terms of the sense of belonging held by the former workers of the factory and their daily lives. Along this journey Kundura Stage questions the relationship between space and body in the performance area and maintains its pursuit by feeding on memories. 

Kundura Stage, which has left its door ajar for young artists in addition to artists specialized in their field, also hosts performances produced in-house. It aims to present the works of contemporary dancers with these productions and to create a new space for encounters between interdisciplinary productions that transform the material of “Reality” using a dynamic approach. 

It also offers audiences leading works of contemporary stage arts that have been appraised at different culture-art centers in the world and desires to discover hidden talents who are not well known and to congregate them with their target audience. In terms of music, it offers a wide variety of genres ranging from contemporary music to electronic music and from jazz to classical music while designing carefully selected events that establish a dialogue with the venue. Productions specific to Kundura offer a brand-new experience and setting in connection with sound and rhythm. 

Kundura Stage x Rimini Protokoll

When Beykoz Kundura opened its stage with such approach, it met with the audience at the heart of Istanbul.  Kundura Stage has undertaken the Istanbul adaptation of Remote X project of Rimini Protokoll that is one of the leading theatre collectives of Germany. Remote Istanbul invites the audience to rediscover the streets of the city. Throughout the performance, in which the city is almost a stage and the members of the audience are the performers, you will question the connection we have with the city and technology and will face once again being an individual and collective conscious. Remote İstanbul, is a permanent performance project created by Kundura Stage with Rimini Protokoll that introduces the audience to the streets of Istanbul. 

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Kundura Sinema'da Wim Wenders Seçkisi