Kundura Sahne probes performance practice with an inquisitive approach and creates space of encounter with its experimental and innovative fashion. While creating dialogues with strong local and international values, it embraces, encourages and supports research-oriented creative practice in interdisciplinary context. Nurturing the relation of research methodologies and creative techniques, it provides an interplaying dialogue for known concepts and rules; and takes part in creating works of art that are developed with proper methods. Based on the complexity of terms and definitions, it investigates ongoing peripheral connection and interrelationship of concepts such as stage, audience and actor, body and movement. It encourages change in creative styles and creates new setups. It focuses on documentary approach in the context and practice of research-based art making and narrative plotlines. It shapes and contours experiences and social narrations that we all are surrounded by. It progresses without making a classification according to technique, style and format and does not establish a fixed and limited perspective. It establishes an innovative and transforming language when defining documentary regardless of the genre. Kundura Sahne is an interdisciplinary nucleus where stories and works of art that are narrated with this language and methods, collide.


As a part of industrial cultural heritage, Kundura Sahne starts with the intrinsic qualities of venues and aims to create a cultural sphere that is constantly transformed with the audience that is created according to this approach. While probing the concepts of audience and stage, it is nourished with the ambiguity of the concepts and provides an opportunity to build the entire process as a holistic experience. Being nurtured with tradition while getting beyond the limits, Beykoz Kundura calls for establishing dialogue between different perspectives through various experiences/events with an innovative approach. Believing in the interplay of the concepts, Beykoz Kundura's stage has been growing and developing with each of its works. Beykoz Kundura aims to create a new space of encounter for dynamic and pioneering interdisciplinary works of art based on the concept of "Reality" in contemporary theatre, dance, and performance arts.

It is inspired by oral historical narrations of Kundura Hafıza for designin the curation, starting with transformation and memory of the venues. It rediscovers the sense of belonging created by old factory workers and performative forms of their daily lives. In this journey, Kundura Sahne explores the relation between place and body in performativity and carries on searching while being inspired by their life stories. Thus, it seeks for creating new ideas with an interdisciplinary approach in terms of the concepts of archive and performance through its artist-in-residence program, VARDIYA, planned and applied together with Kundura Hafıza.

At the same time, it offers a wide range of musical genre from contemporary music to electronic music, classical music to jazz when planning events that are carefully selected in the field of music and that establish a dialogue with the venue. Kundura's productions provide a brand-new experience and ambiance in terms of sound and rhythm.

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