During the leather and shoe factory period, Beykoz Kundura was also a living space populated by almost 3000 people with its units such as daycare, restaurant, movie theater, healthcare center and library. Having played a major role in shaping Beykoz’s social and economic structure, this institution raised generations of workers. The oral history project titled “Kundura Memory” aims to understand and know this space better and especially cherish the memory of people who shaped and maintained Beykoz Kundura, and carried it to its important place in Turkish economy.

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It is the exhibition area of the Kundura Memory project on the history of Beykoz Kundura. Used as the carpenter’s shop during the Sümerbank period, this area offers information on the history of Beykoz Kundura. In addition to historical machines; items from former workers, ads from the Sümerbank period and various photographs are exhibited.