An extraordinary cinema experience

Kundura Cinema, which regularly screens elaborately designed film programs, offers an approach based on dialogue with its audience regardless of the film genre or geographical location. As a repertory cinema, Kundura Cinema, which is located in the restored boiler room with its original industrial architecture; pays attention to bringing together recently restored classic film from world’s cinema history and Turkish cinema with the white screen once again and reminding the filmography of important directors of cinema history to cinephiles. Silent film screenings accompanied with live music that have become a Kundura Cinema tradition makes the cinema a different viewing experience by regularly screening films carefully selected from the leading archives of Europe every month. 

Kundura Cinema, which also offers new productions in addition to its repertory approach, invites you to think how borders can vary during the transfer of reality with its creative documentary anthology in which different types of stories regarding reality are brought together by a cinematic language. By creating an anthology of prominent films of contemporary cinema that have been appraised in national and international festivals, it is inviting the audience to a panoramic discovery regarding hidden gems overlooked due to the fast pace of the festivals. 

Kundura Cinema aims to increase awareness in terms of cinema by enabling interaction with the audience with its film programs and discussions regularly hosted every year on special days such as 27th of October UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage and 8th of March International Women’s Day. 

Listen, Watch & Read

Through its blog which is constantly enriched with new contents in parallel with the programs designed for stage and cinema, Kundura also creates a cultural zone steered by new ideas. The anthology created includes contents such as texts, videos, speeches associated with the film and staged productions within the program of Kundura to a variety of parties ranging from cinema writers to dramaturgists following a research oriented mentality.

Kundura Cinema & Kinoscope

In cooperation with the New York based digital film screening platform Kinescope, which features anthologies and films from international festivals and cinematic history, Kundura Cinema, brings together carefully selected films as well as both young and accomplished directors with their audience on an online platform. Special films from the Kinescope anthology that have not been screened in Turkey before can be watched through the Kundura blog with Turkish subtitles option.

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