As one of the important historical and cultural values of Turkey with its history dating back more than two hundred years, Beykoz Kundura operates as a professional venue rental entity and hosts cultural activities in harmony with today’s dynamics at a glorious spot across the Bosporus.
Operated uninterruptedly from Ottoman period to Republic, this industrial space is doubtlessly a highly valuable cultural heritage as it contributed a lot to the Turkish economy. Acting with the liability to maintain this heritage, Beykoz Kundura team hosts various events inspired from the past, which also keep pace with today’s standards, in the former factory space of 183 decares. Beykoz Kundura is presently active as a meeting point where creative ideas are produced and maintains its fabulous existence along the Bosporus, as well as contributing to the cultural values it has gained in the past.

Set for tv serıes and movıes

Beykoz Kundura serves as a movie set for tv series and cinema industry where loads of projects are carried out via its greenbox and technological fiber infrastructure in addition to huge sceneries, with the impact of the historic ambiance left from a non-operating factory. Hatırla Sevgili, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki, Karadayı, Arka Sokaklar, Poyraz Karayel, İstanbullu Gelin, Vatanım Sensin are just a few of the TV series shot in Beykoz Kundura up to now.
There is a wide range of spaces used for film and photo shootings in Beykoz Kundura. Most of these spaces are certified and grade II listed historical buildings, under the preservation of the executives in Beykoz Kundura with utmost awareness.
These spaces play host to corporate events like premiere nights, launching assemblies and meetings of various brands and firms, as well as serving as a set for TV series and film & catalogue shootings.

Venue and Servıces

There is a boutique hotel with four rooms and four different themes, providing accommodation to producer, director, actors & actresses and the film crew. Demirane, on the other hand, which used to serve as iron hardware workshop during the factory period, was reconstructed in line with its original structure. It serves today as a restaurant open to both the set crew and the guests attending to the events held within Beykoz Kundura. Donating all its income from hotel and restaurant services to Birebir Education Foundation (An Education Foundation for the Digital Native Generation), Beykoz Kundura supports the inzva and inekle projects in this way. The offices two projects of the said foundation are also located within Beykoz Kundura.
Hence the name, Hidden Kundura is a hidden paradise located in the forestland within the premises, where you can enjoy camping in touch with nature and animals, and relish yourselves in the tents, garden, hot tub, trekking spaces and playground... Located in the same area, Kundura Yıldız that used to be a water tank in the past now serves as a venue where various events are held.

Art and Culture at Beykoz Kundura

Just like today, Beykoz Kundura operated as a living space consisting of cultural venues in the factory period as well. Film screenings attended by both the workers and the residents of Beykoz at those times have provided an inspiration to these days; a part of the Boiler Room, defined as the heart of the factory, has been transformed into a movie theater to maintain the tradition in the history of the place. Kundura Cinema which met with the audience in November 2018, serves as an authentic space thinking and speaking of cinema, as well as offering an alternative perspective in respect of films, with the curatorial selections and thematic programmes. Offering the movie lovers a lifetime experience in such a historic and enchanting atmosphere, Kundura Cinema is looking forward to welcoming its guests. You may buy the tickets for Kundura cinema events from here or from Kundura Box Office prior to the event.
The restoration of the building which was used as a Boiler Room in the factory period was completed in 2019. Following Kundura Cinema, Boiler Room is now preparing to host Kundura Stage which will be used for multiple purposes such as a theater, concert and performance hall. Kundura Stage will be welcoming the fanciers of art in 2020 spring as the brand new culture and art venue of Istanbul.

Factory memorıes flood back

An oral history project, Kundura Memory is an archive research carried out to get to know the history of Beykoz Kundura closer and to cherish the memory of people owning an important role in this history. Interviews were conducted with nearly 100 former workers of the factory within the scope of this project that lights the way into the past of Beykoz Kundura, which had a major role in the Turkish economy, and eventually Kundura Memory Archive was formed with almost 1500 photographs, hundreds of press clippings and various documentations. This archive is on display in the Carpenter’s shop within Beykoz Kundura.
“We used to come early in the morning, change our clothes and wear our work uniforms. As we smell like leather, we used to change our clothes every evening not to stink; this was our daily routine. We used to sit back, open our machinery; I remember we used to make 1100 to 1200 pairs of shoes a day. We sometimes received patent leather shoes; we made 200 to 250 pairs of patent leather shoes when there were special events in military.”Güner Zeynep Öztürk worked in Singer department between 1968 and 1983.

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