At FelsefeLab (PhilosophyLab), we try to approach current issues layer by layer, inspired by Kundura's curations. For this, we use the philosophical method, which allows us to scrutinize concepts and clarify ambiguous ideas.

FelsefeLab's talk series with Dr. Umut Eldem on Artificial Intelligence, Star Wars, Black Swan and Remote Istanbul is now on our Youtube channel.

The Voice Of Will: AI and Remote Istanbul

Thinkers: Jacques Derrida, Mark Coeckelbergh, Jacques Ellul, Immanuel Kant
Keywords: Free will, artificial intelligence, deconstruction, philosophy of art, philosophy of technology

The Price of Perfection and Black Swan

Thinkers: Apollon, Kant’a, Dionysos, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard
Keywords: Art, pain, death, perfection, body, mind and gende

Metaphysics: Is the Power With Us (On Star Wars and Force)

Thinkers: Hegel, Stephen Houlgate, James Lawler, Jan-Erik Jones
Keywords: Power, will, causality, dialectic, spirit of time

Politics: Opposite or mirror? The Empire and the Rebels (On Star Wars and Force)

Thinkers: Hegel, Kevin Decker, Brian Cameron, Joseph Long, Greg Littman, Adam Barkman
Keywords: Republicanism, Empire, rebellion, terrorism, just order, hierarchy, equality

Ethics: How Does The Life of a Good Jedi Looks Like? (On Star Wars and Force)

Thinkers: Kant, The Stoic School, Daniel Malloy, Judith Barad, William Stevens, Matt Hummel, William Lindenmuth
Keywords: Stoicism, Deontology, Virtue ethics, self-actualization, moral dilemmas

Is The Human An Artificial Intelligence?

Thinkers: Hubert Dreyfus, Jacques Derrida, Benjamin Libet
Keywords: Uncanny Valley, Philosophy of Technology, Behaviorism, Free Will, Philosophical Anthropology

AI Rights

Thinkers: Peter Singer, Colin Allen, Gary Varner, David Gunkel, Emmanuel Levinas
Keywords: Robot rights, Autonomous Vehicles, Ethics of AI, Moral Agency

The Synthetic World Of The Future

Thinkers: Mark Coeckelbergh, Vincent Müller, Luciano Floridi
Keywords: Singularity, Transhumanism, Consciousness, Dystopia, Futurism

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