Kundura DocLab

Kundura DocLab, initiated by KunduraLab in 2022, is organized to develop documentary production tools and methods in different disciplines.

Kundura DocLab, which will bring together documentary film and documentary theater creators from Turkey and neighboring regions, will carry out studies to establish closer relations both locally and internationally.

Kundura DocLab will unite creators of research-oriented films and performances in the Kundura Stage and Kundura Cinema program with their audience through on-site and online activities, including workshops and masterclasses under the leadership of writers and directors from the film and stage world.


The week-long “Adventures in Assimilation” started with a fragmented 'scattershot seminar' consisting of video, text, audio,photography, rumours.... Then the participants, entering the field and mingling with the city streets, approached and "communicated" with strangers at random. At the end of the workshop exploring concepts such as sound and language, knowing versus not knowing, copying and 'channeling', immigration, assimilation and building mutual trust between foreigners, the resulting performances were shared with an exclusive audience.

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