Kundura DocLab

Kundura DocLab, initiated by KunduraLab in 2022, is organized to develop documentary production tools and methods in different disciplines.

Kundura DocLab, which will bring together documentary film and documentary theater creators from Turkey and neighboring regions, will carry out studies to establish closer relations both locally and internationally.

Kundura DocLab will unite creators of research-oriented films and performances in the Kundura Stage and Kundura Cinema program with their audience through on-site and online activities, including workshops and masterclasses under the leadership of writers and directors from the film and stage world.

The first event of the platform will be "Adventures in Assimilation”, the workshops organized for the first time in Turkey by Argentine actress, artist and writer Rita Pauls and British artist and director Ant Hampton.

Applications will be accepted until 17:00 pm on monday, May 16th.


Argentine performer, artist and writer Rita Pauls and British performance maker Ant Hampton will for the first time in Turkey present their performance workshop, "Adventures in Assimilation" experimenting with social intervention, speech acts, language, uncanniness and listening.

The workshop is inspired by Rita and Ant’s performance 'Mouth Piece', for which they travelled in a random, drifting way.for a whole week through countries where they don't speak the language. Having learnt a few sentences in advance, to they ask a question to the strangers they meet: "What do you feel needs to be said?" They record the answers, and then learn them by heart, verbatim - including all “ifs and buts”, breathing, hesitations and mistakes. Learning and revoicing a language one doesn’t  know produces experiences that lurch from sad to funny, entertaining to thought-provoking as well as sometimes challenging: there is no filter regarding the text they end up absorbing.

Adventures in Assimilation”, adapted by the artists for Turkey, builds on this experience and invites the participants to explore the city of Istanbul in new and creative ways. Incorporating experimental exercises, actions and micro-interventions and requiring observation and personal courage, the workshop offers a unique experience to reinvent and reinvigorate our relationship with the city.

The week-long “Adventures in Assimilation” will start with a fragmented 'scattershot seminar' consisting of video, text, audio,photography, rumours.... Then the participants, entering the field and mingling with the city streets, will approach and "communicate" with strangers at random. The team will meet again with collected recordings, again under the direction of Rita and Ant, and learn strategies for transcription, notation,listening, rehearsing and learning. At the end of the workshop, which will explore concepts such as sound and language, knowing versus not knowing, copying and 'channeling', immigration, assimilation and building mutual trust between foreigners, the resulting performances will be shared with an exclusive audience.

The workshop, previously held in Germany, France and Iceland,will be hosted by Kundura Sahne for the first time in Turkey; It promises a week that will open new horizons and explore different methods for those who are interested in live performance, speech acts and voice, sociology, psychology and anthropology, as well as those working in the fields of theatre, cinema, performance and dance.

Dates: 12  - 18 June 2022
Time: 11:00-17:30 

Participation fee: 450 TL

Deadline for applications: May 16, 2022




Workshops will be in groups of two.
Participation in the workshop will be by application only.


-Anyone over the age of 18 can apply.

-Applications by artists from different disciplines such as audio-visual and plastic arts, technology and design, theater and dance practices and who are interested in interdisciplinary studies will be given priority.

-The workshop language is English.
Consecutive translation will be provided throughout the workshop for participants who do not speak English.
Only for participants who do not speak Turkish, we expect them to have an advanced level of English.

-Participants are required to write a letter of intent explaining why they want to learn this method along with their application.

For your questions, contact production@litahop.com, kultursanat@beykozkundura.com


Pauls, whose father is the leading Argentine writer and screenwriter Alan Pauls, and mother, director and curator Vivi Telas, studied literature and philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. She acted in movies such as “La sombra del gallo“ (2020), “Vigilia en Agosto“ (2019), “Operation Finale“ (2018) she. She has worked with international artists such as Federico León, Dora García, Dudú Quintanilha on projects dealing with language, the creation and invention of intimacy, and coping with uncontrolled performative situations. Continuing to work on the “The Bardo, Soft Eyes” research project led by Argentine experimental dramaturg Paula Salomón, Pauls organizes poetry and literature workshops in venues beyond Buenos Aires' established arts scene, including psychiatric clinics, private homes, and independent cultural centers.
In his work, which began in 1998 under the name Rotozaza, he explored the strategy of guiding people in unrehearsed performance situations. He has produced collaborative works with artists such as Tim Etchells, Christophe Meierhans, Britt Hatzius, Gert-Jan Stam, Ivana Müller, Rita Pauls and Glen Neath. Since 2007, he has been traveling the world with his series called Autoteatro, consisting of performances such as 'Etiquette', 'The Quiet Volume', 'Cue China', 'OK OK, This is Not My Voice Speaking', and 'The Extra People'. His recent work has moved from the idea of art as a safe or autonomous space to works in which a participatory 'viewer' takes meaningful risks and experiences concrete change.

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