Remote Istanbul is a play in which a group of city residents wear headphones and set off on a journey around Istanbul, guided by a synthetic sound. This encounter with artificial intelligence transforms the journey into a whole other experience. When we are guided by algorithms, whom exactly are we following? How can we make mutual decisions when we are all together? As we watch and are affected by one another, we make personal decisions, but can we still remain part of a group?

This journey begins at the specified meeting point on the Anatolian side. With Istanbul streets as the stage and participants often taking on the role of performers, we question our relationship with the city praxis. As we observe human behavior using artificial intelligence, we also grow accustomed to the sounds with each step. Throughout the journey, the viewer will be guided by various authentic sound designs such as binaural sound and film music. Just as the performance can become the urban fabric itself, it can also allow participants to form a wholly new relationship with the city…

This unique traveling project by Rimini Protokoll has been adapted to the city fabric, current events, and local culture in each city where it has been performed. Following its premiere in Berlin in 2013, the project has met with audience in 54 cities, including London, Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Madrid, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Tehran, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi.

We invite you on the Remote Istanbul journey, to rediscover the codes of Istanbul through brand-new sounds…


Concept, Script and Direction: Stefan Kaegi
Research, Script and Direction Istanbul: Jörg Karrenbauer
Sound Design Concept: Nikolas Neecke
Sound Design Istanbul: Peter Breitenbach, Ilona Marti
Dramaturgy: Aljoscha Begrich
Production Management: Epona Hamdan, Monica Ferrari

"Remote X" is a production of Rimini Apparat.

In coproduction with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal and Goethe-Institute Portugal, Festival Theaterformen Hannover/Braunschweig, Festival d'Avignon, Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Kaserne Basel.

Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund Berlin and by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Fachausschuss Tanz und Theater Kanton Basel-Stadt. A House on Fire coproduction with the support of the Cultural Program of the European Union.

Remote Istanbul is presented by
Kundura Sahne in collaboration with Lita House of Production

Managing Artistic Director:
S.Buse Yıldırım

2021 Season


Production Manager: Feride Akalın (Lita House of Production)
Production Assistant: Doğa Cinel (Lita House of Production)

Operation Assistants: Barkın Sarp, Güray Doğru, Ömer Güneş, Yankı Mustafa Gürsel (Lita House of Production)

Communication & Business Development Manager: Tuğçe Taçkın
Press Relations:

Special Thanks: T.C. İstanbul Valiliği, İstanbul İl Kültür ve Turizm Müdürlüğü, Yıldırım Holding, Av. Ali Yüksel Özmen, Kerem Şahin, Tepe Nautilius, Ertuğ Turan, Kübra Ekler, Yağmur Karabacak, Utku Kara, Nadir Sönmez, İsmet Murtezaoğlu, Pelin Başaran


2020 Season


Production Manager and Assistant Director: Burcu Bilgiç (Lita House of Production)

Production Assistant: Feride Akalın (Lita House of Production)

Operation Assistants: Barkın Sarp, Doğa Cinel, Şükrü Buğra Akkemik, Yankı Mustafa Gürsel (Lita House of Production)

Kundura Sahne Technical Consultant: Okan Budak (Soul Engineers)

Poster Design & Visual Identity Consultant: Ahmet Coka

Turkish Translation & Redaction: Murat Müftüoğlu

English Redaction: Evan Pheiffer

Press Relations: Flint

Special Thanks: Yıldırım Holding, Dijital Elektronik, Ayşe Draz, Elif Güngör, İsmet Murtezaoğlu, Kerem Arslanlı, Kübra Ekler, Leman Yılmaz, Nazlı Çevik Azazi, Nihan Güneli,  Pelin Başaran, Stelyo Grigoris Joven,  Kadıköy Rum Ortodoks Metropoliti Prof. Dr. Tano Papas,  Ümit Mesci, Yağmur Karabacak

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