Kundura Cinema’s November film programme presents a special selection of films that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the historic Moon landing. Titled “A Journey to the Moon”, the film selection pays homage to American astronaut Neil Armstrong and his journey to the Moon and into history.
“A Journey to the Moon” centers around the films emphasizing the bravery of humans in the face of the unknown by exploring the depths of space. Get ready for an enchanting journey into space within Kundura Cinema’s historical atmosphere.
Ticket to the Moon by the director Veronika Janatkova gathers together the participants signed up for the waiting list of Pan Am Airways’ first commercial flights to the Moon. It is the Cold War Period, political and economic tensions permeated daily life and Pan Am Airways has the best solution: a trip to the Moon! The film centers around the hopeful story of 100,000 space enthusiasts today and humorously tells their individual moon stories.
Houston, We Have A Problem! Slovenian director Ziga Virc evolves around an intense space race, namely “the space program exchange” allegedly took place between the US and Yugoslavia during the Cold War. Receiving numerous positive and negative criticisms after its premiere in 2016 at Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary includes the real footage of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.
Based on the Austrian director Fritz Lang’s wife Thea von Harbou’s book The Rocket to the Moon, the silent film Woman in the Moon follows a group of people searching for gold in space. Directed by Lang, one of the most assertive director worldwide, the film is also considered as one of the first examples of the sci-fi genre. Woman in the Moon will be screened as a part of the “Live Music to Silent Film” events of Kundura Cinema with a special guest performer.
Best known by building a set inside NASA to create a microgravity effect director Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 is based on the true story of the ill-fated 13th Apollo mission bound for the Moon. Leading actors of this tragic story includes Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton.
Voyage to the End of the Universe Ikarie XB 1 focuses on a journey of a spaceship called Ikarie XB1 and its crew to planet Alfa Centauri to search for extraterrestrial forms of life. This dangerous journey illuminates the unknown corners of the universe while focusing on the everyday worries of its crew. Directed by Jindrich Polák, Voyage to the End of the Universe Ikarie XB 1 portraits a hope for better and morally more advanced humankind.
Hollywood Classics: ”Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”
Inspired by the Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize winning play, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof will be screened for the second time on the 29th of November at Kundura Cinema for those who missed it in October. Elizabeth Taylor starring as the lead actress, the film focuses on an alcoholic ex-football player named Brick and his reunion with his father, Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer. Save the date for the beloved Hollywood Classics programme with complimentary drinks and nibbles.

Film Programme, November 2019:
November 16th, Saturday 16:00 | Ticket To The Moon - 2019, Veronika Janatková
November 17th, Sunday 19:30 | Apollo 13 - 1995, Ron Howard
November 23rd, Saturday 16:00 | Houston, We Have a Problem! - 2016, Žiga Virc 19:30 | Apollo 13 - 1995, Ron Howard
November 24th, Sunday 16:00 | Woman in the Moon, 1929 - Fritz Lang **
November 29th, Friday “Hollywood Classics” Special Screening 21:00 | Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - 1958, Richard Brooks
November 30th, Saturday 16:00 | Ticket To The Moon - 2019, Veronika Janatková 19:30 | Voyage to the End of the Universe Ikarie XB 1, 1963 - Jindrich Polák
** Woman in the Moon will be accompanied by live music.

Kundura Cinema Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

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