• 19 March 2023 | Sunday
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The Abyss
Original title: Afgrunden

1910 / Denmark / Black & White / 38’

Silent; with English intertitles and Turkish subtitles

Director: Urban Gad | Screenwriter: Urban Gad | Cast: Asta Nielsen, Robert Dinesen, Poul Reumert, Emilie Sannom | Cinematography: Alfred Lind | Choreography: Anna Jeannette Tardini

Magda Vang, a music teacher, is engaged to a vicar’s son named Knud. One day, she falls in love with Rudolph, the star of the circus that has recently arrived in town, and leaves everything behind to go after him. Soon betrayed and heartbroken, the young woman will perform her final dance to prove her love.

One of Denmark’s oldest erotic melodramas, “The Abyss” features a hypnotic performance by Asta Nielsen and the enticing “gaucho dance” sequence which was censored in its day, and it is one of the earliest treasures of cinema.

The Black Dream
Original title: Den sorte Drøm

1911 / Denmark / Black & White / 53’
Silent; with English intertitles and Turkish subtitles

Director: Urban Gad | Screenwriter: Urban Gad | Cast: Asta Nielsen, Valdemar Psilander, Gunnar Helsengreen, Ellen Holm | Cinematography: Adam Johansen | Production Design: Emil Poulsen

A famously beautiful circus acrobat Stella has two suitors: Young and handsome Count Waldberg and old and clumsy jeweler Hirsch. When Stella prefers Waldberg over Hirsch, he gets mad and makes the Count extremely indebted after challenging him to a gambling duel. Set on saving her lover’s honor, Stella plans a dangerous game.

  • Adult - 90 TL
  • Kundura Young (Under 25) - 50 TL


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    • All films will be screened in their original language with Turkish subtitles.
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