Standing parallel to Bosporus and amongst the precious buildings of Beykoz Kundura, New Kundura is a vast wide building designed by the Czech engineers in the late 1950s. Having served to different units in Sümerbank period, this building draws attention by its unique industrial texture. It currently hosts corporate events and culture and art based activities as the largest and vast columned structure of Beykoz Kundura. Its most remarkable feature is doubtlessly the terrace of 2800 m2 with an astonishing view of Bosporus.

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• Offers a wide area of use with its ground floor, second floor and terrace.
• Ground floor can be rented on monthly and daily basis and is convenient for décor settings.
• Second floor with its spacious ceiling of 4.40 meters and wide area of use of 2600 m² is available only for daily rentals and shootings without décor.
• An ideal spot for outdoor events, the terrace floor consists of a space of 2600 m2 with the most spectacular sceneries of Bosporus.
• Two small terraces of 340 m² each have indoor spaces of 130 and 240 m². Monthly shootings are prohibited in the big and small terraces; only daily shootings are allowed without décor.
• As one of the most qualified buildings of Beykoz Kundura, New Kundura has two backstage rooms, rehearsal hall and storage that can be used as backstage as well, panoramic elevator and free parking lot.
• There are 15 restrooms available in total; 4 in the ground floor, 7 in the second floor and 4 in the terrace floor.
• The building that normally has a capacity of 1000 to 2000 people presently has a restricted capacity of maximum 250 people, following the reinforcement work conducted.

Condıtıons of Utılızatıon

The following are strictly prohibited:
• Dampening the ground of the columned floor,
• Setting permanent decors in terrace and columned floor,
• Cladding the columns,
• Hanging any objects of equipment like décor, light or audio system on the protective wire on the ceiling and impose burden to the ceiling accordingly,
• Lighting a fire, using explosives and combustibles,
• Performing any kind of penetrating and crushing actions and painting, plastering that would damage the integrity of walls and floors,
• Using fireworks,
• Using laser and light that would jeopardize the airspace in outdoor areas,
• Broadcasting sound and music exceeding 95-100 decibel,
• Broadcasting sound and music after 00:00,
• Cladding the buildings,
• Unauthorized use of drones in the field.

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