Leather Cabinets were used as a place where raw leather was rested in some chemical liquids and prepared for shoe production during the Sümerbank period. As one of the rare venues where the odor of genuine leather is still caught, Leather Cabinets preserve the giant spherical tanks of historical importance. As understood from old photographs, these tanks were used to mix the pulp during the paper mill period. Being amongst the certified buildings of cultural and historical value in Beykoz Kundura, Leather Cabinets is an immovable cultural property that should be protected.



• Offering a wide and bright space for daily shootings and events, Leather Cabinets covers an area of 1340 m2.
• Available for both indoor and outdoor use, the building has a width of 29, and a length of 44 meters.
• There is a free parking lot and restrooms.

Condıtıons of Utılızatıon

The following are strictly prohibited:
• Cladding the building,
• Hanging burdens to roof frames such as décor, accessories or sound system,
• Performing any kind of action that would damage the integrity of walls and floors,
• Lighting a fire, using explosives and combustibles
• Using fireworks,
• Using laser shows that would jeopardize the airspace in outdoor areas,
• Broadcasting sound and music exceeding 95-100 decibel,
• Broadcasting sound and music after 00:00,
• Unauthorized use of drones.

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