Located alongside the Bosporus with a breathtaking view, Kundura Promenade is a wide space serving to big events. In addition to being a set for many music clips and tv series, Promenade is also ideal for corporate events and concerts. The venue consisting of sitting benches, concrete walkway and verdant spaces is totally perfect for outdoor events with its flawless location along the Bosporus. The natural park view of Promenade is accompanied by swings and slides and is available only for daily shootings and events.

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Condıtıons of Utılızatıon

The following are strictly prohibited:
• Lighting a fire, using explosives and combustibles
• Using fireworks,
• Using laser works and light shows that would jeopardize the airspace in outdoor areas,
• Unauthorized use of drones,
• Broadcasting sound and music exceeding 95-100 decibel,
• Broadcasting sound and music after 00:00.

Kundura Cinema Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

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