Culture of cinema was an important part of daily life during the factory period thanks to the screenings attended by workers and locals of Beykoz. Based on this tradition, Kundura Cinema was imagined as a movie theater that will maintain and preserve the culture of movie screening in Beykoz Kundura. Functioning as a set for films and series, Beykoz Kundura became a culture and arts venue where films are not only produced but also reached to its audience. Built in the furnace section of the old factory’s boiler house, Kundura Cinema will present films from different lands and eras to the audience with the inspiration from its own history and the history of cinema. Aiming to offer a unique watching experience with its industrial design, Kundura Cinema waits for its guests with its special curatorial selections, thematic programs and additional events as a venue thinking and talking about films and offering an alternative perspective to cinema.

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Kundura Sinema'da Wim Wenders Seçkisi