• You may use our shuttles, provided especially for Kundura Cinema guests, between Taksim-Beykoz Kundura and Kadıköy-Beykoz Kundura.
    Taksim, in front of AKM : 14:00
    Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus Station exit : 14:00
    Beykoz Kundura: after 19:30 session
    Price (One Way): 10 TL

    Kadıköy Outbound Route: Beykoz Kundura- Yenisahra Metro- Göztepe Metro- Akasya Avm- Söğütlüçeşme Metrobüs

    Taksim Outbound Route: 
    Beykoz Kundura- Levent- Zincirlikuyu Metrobüs- Beşiktaş- Taksim

  • You may use our ring shuttle service departing from in front of Beykoz Pier in every 20 minutes before the screenings.
    Beykoz Pier : 14:10 – 14:30 – 14:50 – 15:10 – 15:30 – 15:50
                        17:50 – 18:10 – 18:30 – 18:50 – 19:10 – 19:30


  • You may use our shuttle service from Beykoz Kundura to Taksim after the 21:00 session.
    Return (One Way): Beykoz Kundura – Levent - Beşiktaş–  Taksim
    Price: 10 TL

  • You may use our ring shuttle service departing from in front of Beykoz Pier in every 20 minutes before the screenings.
    Beykoz Pier: 19:10 – 19:30 – 19:50 – 20:10 – 20:30 – 20:50 

By Road

  • You can drive to Beykoz Kundura. Free parking lots are available.

  • You can take public buses to Beykoz Kundura. The bus lines stopping at the “Kundura Fabrikası” are:
    15T Tokatköy-Üsküdar, 15 Beykoz-Üsküdar,
    15F Beykoz-Kadıköy, 15BK Beykoz-Kadıköy,
    15D Anadolu Feneri-Kavacık, 121A Beykoz-Mecidiyeköy

  • You can take the Beykoz “dolmush” from Kadıköy and Üsküdar, get off at the “Kundura Fabrikası” stop and walk from there to reach Beykoz Kundura.

By Sea

  • Yeniköy Boats: You can use the boats departing from Yeniköy for Beykoz pier every 20 minutes. The pier is about 15 minutes walking distance to Beykoz Kundura.

  • İstinye-Çubuklu Ferry Line: Regular trips all day long.
    Last departure at 21:30.

  • The Bosphorus Line: You can get on the Bosphorus Line departing from Eminönü, Beşiktaş and Üsküdar for Beykoz.
    This service is unavailable on Sundays.

  • Water Taxi: Beykoz Kundura has its private pier. You may reach the venue by a water taxi.

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