Having a modern view unlike the historical buildings within Beykoz Kundura, Helicopter Hangar is a structure built as steel construction with no columns. It can be rented for monthly or daily shootings.

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• Having a width of 26.50 and length of 21.07 meters, helicopter hangar has a use area of 560 m² in its indoor space as well as a high ceiling.
• The space used as helicopter pad also includes a gate connecting and disconnecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.
• Only the indoor space of the hangar is available for rent; the outdoor space is not allowed for rental.
• Décor setting is allowed.

Condıtıons of Utılızatıon

The following are strictly prohibited:
• Performing actions that would damage the integrity of walls and floors,
• Lighting a fire, using explosives and combustibles,
• Using fireworks,
• Using laser works that would jeopardize the airspace in outdoor areas,
• Broadcasting sound and music exceeding 95-100 decibel,
• Broadcasting sound and music after 00:00,
• Unauthorized use of drones.

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