Pandora's Box
Beykoz Kundura

  • March 10 - March 24

Germany / 1929 135’ / B&W

*Live musical accompaniment by Yiğit Özatalay and Mustafa Kemal Emirel (Yürüyen Merdiven).

| Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Screenplay | Frank Wedekind, Ladislaus Vajda
Cast            | Louise Brooks, Fritz Kortner, Francis Lederer

A free-loving, status-climbing dancer murders her rich paramour, then takes up with a succession of other lovers, gradually descending to the streets as a hooker. Pandora's Box is an acknowledged masterpiece and example of a “femme fatale”.

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Pandora's Box Kundura Cinema 24.03.2019 16:00 In Sales
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Pandora's Box Kundura Cinema 10.03.2019 16:00 Not On Sales