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  • 19 June 2022 | Sunday
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Beyond My Steps
Para Lá dos Meus Passos
Kamy Lara, Angola 2019, 72 min.

Beyond My Steps is a film that highlights various facets of the arts industry in Angola by focusing on contemporary dance. This documentary reveals the challenges that artists face and the never-ending determination they must have in a country where art is still undervalued. “I like to be in a place where people believe in what I do and I feel like a free citizen once again”, says Daniel Curti, one of the dancers. So too does Beyond My Steps highlight the city of Luanda at large. Seen through different lenses, the viewer gains an insight into a city that is capable of transmitting narrative through film.– Mirian Vanda & Fradique of Cine Geração

At Cine Geração we screen Angolan and African films, every Thursday, at 18:30, in the backyard of the Angolan independent production company Geração 80. The main goal of Cine Geração involves sharing and humanizing Angolan and African stories and integrating the community with the help of cinema. Cine Geração is also a way of networking with creative professionals in the film industry and other art fields - whether university students, aspiring filmmakers or cinephiles. At the end of each screening, we have an open mic conversation with the cast, the director, and/or crew of the film, either on site or via Zoom, or we simply showcase a short video with a message from the filmmakers. Cine Geração is a space where people learn from each other's stories, raising questions about the current state of cinema in Angola and the African continent. The program is curated based on a monthly changing theme.


A World Not Ours
Mahdi Fleifel, Lebanon/UAE 2013, 93 min.

In this important social documentary, Palestinian-Lebanese director Mahdi Fleifel uses amateur video footage inherited from his father as well as contemporary shots of life inside Ain al-Hilweh, the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he grew up. With his European exile comes the guilt of having to document what remains of existence when there is nowhere to call home. With a beautiful mix of tenderness and guerilla filmmaking, A World Not Ours is an unprecedented testimony of the Palestinian cause outside of the borders of Palestine. Cinema Akil hopes this film will be the starting point - or the continuation - of conversations and actions of solidarity with the people of Palestine.– Butheina Kazim, Khalid Al Sabi & Louise Malherbe of Cinema Akil

Cinema Akil is an independent cinema platform that brings quality films from across the world to the audiences in the UAE. Showcasing directors and filmmakers across the decades, Cinema Akil aims to create awareness and interest in film and the cinematic arts. Launched in 2014 as a nomadic cinema, Cinema Akil has held over 60 pop-up cinemas attracting over 65,000 attendees in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. In September 2018, Cinema Akil opened its first permanent location in Al Quoz, Dubai, making it the GCC’s first arthouse cinema. Cinema Akil is a member of the Network of Arab Alternative Screens (NAAS) which includes members from the MENA region such as Metropolis in Beirut, Zawya in Cairo and Cinematheque du Tangier in Morocco.



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    • Those who purchase discounted tickets are expected to show ID at the entrance.

    • Our audience can enter Beykoz Kundura 2 hours before the session of the ticket they bought.
    • The exhibition titled "Kundura's Memory: The World Within a Factory" can be visited free of charge on the days of the event by reservation. Please visit
    • Shooting with a professional camera is not allowed without written permission. We kindly ask you to deliver your recording devices to the security point at the entrance of Beykoz Kundura.
    • It is prohibited to bring food and beverages inside the venue.

    • The screening will take place on an indoor stage, our certified ventilation systems operate with 100% fresh air and do not include particles.
    • Disabled audiences will be able to enter Kundura Sinema from the main entrance.
    • Seats are not numbered. 
    • The seating and common areas of our cinema theater are regularly disinfected before and after screenings.

    • In the event that there is a technical issue with the electronic subtitling system, our technicians will first work to resolve the issue, and if that is not possible, the screening will continue without subtitles.
    • We kindly ask our audience to pay attention to come to the sessions on time.
    • Pursuant to Article 7 of Law No. 7163, “Motion pictures without any content rating and classification may only be shown during festivals, special film screenings and similar cultural and art activities by displaying the rating symbol of 18+ years old.”
    • Using cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, etc. during the screening to record is strictly forbidden. Recording with any recording device is prohibited. 
    • Audio and video recordings will be made by Beykoz Kundura throughout the event, and the recorded images will be published on Beykoz Kundura's website and social media accounts for promotional purposes only. Beykoz Kundura will use the event records for promotional purposes only and will be able to transfer these records to the artist.
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    • Our events have the age limit of 18. Those whor are under the age of 18 can participate in events and concerts with a parent

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