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  • 12 June 2022 | Sunday
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One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train
Cien niños esperando un tren
Ignacio Agüero, Chile 1988, 56 min.

One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train is a portrait of the recent history of Chile, a place under a dictatorship and full of inequality. Guided by Alicia Vega, the film’s young protagonists are given the opportunity to explore and design their own films with drawings. Having never before been in a cinema, they discover cinematography, movements, camera angles, film genres, Chaplin, Disney, Lamorisse's red balloon and the train of the Lumière Brothers. In this documentary, Ignacio Agüero makes visible what CCC stands for. A place where cinema is the center of dialogue, creation and community, that supports new filmmakers everyday through workshops, screenings and talks, in which we seek to democratize cinema and access to culture.  – Dominga Sotomayor & Ignacio Ocampo of CCC

CCC is a non-profit organization spreading culture through cinema and intersecting disciplines, encouraging dialogue between local and international arts and neighborhood communities. The Center is located in Raulí 571 in the heart of downtown Santiago. A big, old house that was restored, it includes a 30 seat cinema and an openair area for screenings, premieres, and collaborations with festivals. The house also has offices and spaces dedicated to creation and training, workshops and seminars; a gallery, and a coffee/bar meeting point. We are interested in having a positive impact on the city of Santiago and the local environment, promoting the democratization of networks by converging worlds that don’t usually cross in our country.


Cinema, Mon Amour
Alexandru Belc, Romania/Czech Republic 2015, 70 min.

Cinema, Mon Amour follows the story of Victor Purice and his team in their everyday fight to preserve a cinema in Piatra Neamț (Romania). He dreams of restoring the glory days, yet struggles to keep up with the harsh new reality. In a theater that lacks heating and is slowly falling apart but which receives no support from the state who own the place, the fight is almost like Don Quixote’s. In a way, this is also the story of Cinema ARTA in Cluj-Napoca, which was renovated and reactivated without any public support. Both are stories with a happy ending, ones that show the power of a group of dedicated and enthusiastic people who follow their dream and bring about positive change in their communities. – Monica Sebestyen of Cinema ARTA

Cinema ARTA is an independent arthouse cinema in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The cinema, opened in 1913, is one of the oldest in the region. It is a cultural hub focusing on audio-visual content, a catalyst for the independent and creative sector that aims to create cultural experiences which unite, inspire and become meaningful for those attending the events. Its mission is to promote cultural values, tolerance and diversity by showcasing and encouraging interaction between various forms of art and people.


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    • The program might change due to unforeseen reasons. The purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or returned unless the show has been cancelled or postponed.
    • Those who purchase discounted tickets are expected to show ID at the entrance.

    • Our audience can enter Beykoz Kundura 2 hours before the session of the ticket they bought.
    • The exhibition titled "Kundura's Memory: The World Within a Factory" can be visited free of charge on the days of the event by reservation. Please visit
    • Shooting with a professional camera is not allowed without written permission. We kindly ask you to deliver your recording devices to the security point at the entrance of Beykoz Kundura.
    • It is prohibited to bring food and beverages inside the venue.

    • The screening will take place on an indoor stage, our certified ventilation systems operate with 100% fresh air and do not include particles.
    • Disabled audiences will be able to enter Kundura Sinema from the main entrance.
    • Seats are not numbered. 
    • The seating and common areas of our cinema theater are regularly disinfected before and after screenings.

    • In the event that there is a technical issue with the electronic subtitling system, our technicians will first work to resolve the issue, and if that is not possible, the screening will continue without subtitles.
    • We kindly ask our audience to pay attention to come to the sessions on time.
    • Pursuant to Article 7 of Law No. 7163, “Motion pictures without any content rating and classification may only be shown during festivals, special film screenings and similar cultural and art activities by displaying the rating symbol of 18+ years old.”
    • Using cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, etc. during the screening to record is strictly forbidden. Recording with any recording device is prohibited. 
    • Audio and video recordings will be made by Beykoz Kundura throughout the event, and the recorded images will be published on Beykoz Kundura's website and social media accounts for promotional purposes only. Beykoz Kundura will use the event records for promotional purposes only and will be able to transfer these records to the artist.
    • Audiences who arrive late are admitted in the interval; it will not be possible to enter the hall for the concerts without interval.
    • Our events have the age limit of 18. Those whor are under the age of 18 can participate in events and concerts with a parent

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