• 31 January 2021 | Sunday
Free event, registration is needed.

For Healthcare Professionals
Online Workshop
Free event, registration is needed. 

"The Place I Live in: Body"
Somatic Awareness and Dance Workshop

“The Place I Live in: Body” workshop that has been launched at Kundura Sahne last season by dancer, choreographer and scholar Tuğçe Ulugün Tuna is designed especially for healthcare professionals and will be held throughout the season on the last Sunday of each month.
The workshop, concept and contents of which are designed and taught by Tuğçe U. Tuna, pays close attention to establish a creative and constructive conduct outside the conventional internal and somatic approaches thanks to its democratic understanding of the body, as well as its holistic and inclusive policy.
The workshop desires to maintain holism, complexity and connectivity in the body and to reinforce and relax kinesthetic intelligence.
We aim to relearn through the body and improve physical awareness within our spatial and physical perception that has been restricted over the period of the pandemic.

*The Workshop will be held in Turkish.


    * You need to be employed within the 'Healthcare' field.
    * You need an empty space of at least 2m X 2m.
    * It is important to participate with comfortable clothes.
    * You need to keep your screen on in a manner that we could see you throughout the workshop.
    * Only one person can be present in the working area.

    ** The Workshop will be held in Turkish.
    ** Availability is limited with the capacity.
    ** The Zoom link for the Workshop to be held online and free-of-charge will be forwarded to your e-mail address 1 day prior to the date on which you wish to attend.

    *** The workshop activities cannot be recorded on audio/video mediums and be shared with third parties by the participants in any shape or form whatsoever.


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