This is a common area where all guests can relax and enjoy the historical texture in this place during their stay in the Czech House. It can also be used for small meetings during your work in Kundura.

Czech House - Workplace

Right next to the Living Room, we have a cozy library room, that faces the Czech House garden and the Kundura Yard, in which you can work on your script.

Czech House - Western Room

The design of this room was inspired by Western movies who have portrayed tales of heroism and justice, thereby introducing the term "Wild West" to all of us. Before dozing off into a deep sleep while picturing horse-back chase scenes, you can shake off the fatigue of the entire day with a warm bath.

Czech House - North Afrıcan Room

We traced the culture of North Africa from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert. We created a romantic suite, inspired by the Majorelle blue that is only found in Morocco, which is reminiscent of the cold but passionate love affair portrayed in Bertolucci's "The Sheltering Sky". We have thought of everything regarding comfort and luxury in this suite room which faces the Kundura Yard and other historical buildings

Czech House - Hollywood Room

Marilyn Monroe's charm has infused the entirety of this room, decorated as an homage to the movie stars of the 50s and 60s. You can spoil yourself and feel like a movie star in this room of the Czech House, located right in the middle of İstanbul's most significant plateau where numerous popular movies and TV series are shot.

Czech House - Faırytale Room

This is the cutest and coziest room of them all, the penthouse room. We wanted to bring the freshness and breeze of willow trees into your room with blue-green color palettes on the walls. The furniture, inspired by the Far East will carry your imagination to far off places.


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