Yalıköy, Süreyya İlmen Cad.
No:1 34820 Beykoz

0216 323 31 30

Yalıköy, Süreyya İlmen Cad.
No:1 34820 Beykoz

0216 323 31 30

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How do I reach Kundura?

By sea

Every 20 minutes there is a boat from Yeniköy to the Beykoz Pier. Kundura is in fifteen-minute walking distance from the pier. If you wish you can also go to the Kundura Factory bus stop via minibus or regular bus, and then reach Kundura by a short walk. Furthermore, you can easily find taxis to Kundura from the taxi stop near Beykoz Pier.

Via sea-bus you can reach Beykoz from the city center in week days at certain hours.

You may also use sea-taxi, since Beykoz Kundura has a private pier.

By land

You can reach the Kundura Factory stop by shared taxis coming regularly from Kadıköy or Üsküdar, and then reach Beykoz Kundura on foot.

Can we come to visit Beykoz Kundura?

Unfortunately Kundura is only open for professional film-video shoots and event designs. Since our primary goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment, we do not organize visits to the plateaus.

I am a student in the Film-TV department, can I shoot my finishing project at Beykoz Kundura?

Of course, we provide free space usage for students for a limited amount of time. First you need to send an e-mail to info@beykozkundura.com and request a meeting. You need to come to the meeting with a viable student document and a signed (wet signature) application in which you describe your project.

We are getting married, can we have our wedding at Beykoz Kundura?

According to the recent ruling of the plateau administration, we do not accept wedding organizations during the shooting season. We only allow for wedding organizations in specific places and specific times during June, July and August.

Can we shoot scenes involving explosions, fires etc. in Beykoz Kundura?

Since the factory buildings are certified as secondary degree historical monuments and since the abundance of green flora, we do not allow for the shooting of scenes which involve any fires or explosions.

Can we visit Beykoz Kundura with our family members who have worked previously in the Sümerbank factory and have retired?

As an extension of our "Kundura Memory" project we conduct oral history interviews. We provide for visits only in meeting set for specific days. For a visiting and meeting request, please send an e-mail to info@kundurahafiza.com.

Will Beykoz Kundura become a hotel?

In 2004, Sümerbank Leather and Shoe operation was sold in a process of privatization for the purpose of tourism investment. The bureaucratic processes took long enough, and pleasant coincidences led us to transforming the factory into a plateau. The "Czech House", formerly used by the old technical administration, now serves as a four-room boutique hotel only to those people who are involved in the shoots or events in Beykoz Kundura.

Can we stay at Beykoz Kundura Hotel?

Only people who are involved in the shoots and events at Beykoz Kundura may use the facilities for accomodation. It is not open for public.

Can we have a reservation for the Demirane restaurant?

Like the hotel, only people involved in the shoots and events at Beykoz Kundura may use the food and drink joints. They are not open for public. If you are attending events at Kundura, you can enter the Demirane to eat before the event, provided that you pass through ticket control and you get permission from security. For reservations send an e-mail to demirane@beykozkundura.com or call 0541-745-39-49